About Us

Let's start being healthy and add value to the calories you get from your workouts for value or credit with the Calories Credit Challenge. (CCC)

CCC is a calorie-counting fitness assistant application for Thai people under a massive fitness and sports promotion project to encourage people to participate in regular fitness activities, have awakening to play sports and exercise, promote mental health for people of all ages.


• To link and integrate statistics, fitness and sports statistics of individuals, both public and private, involved.

• To provide guidelines for sporting activities in line with the B.C.G. Economy Model, which is consistent with the National Sports Development Plan.

• To establish a network of cooperation between both the government and the private sector in organizing public fitness and sports promotions.

• To communicate and motivate the public to focus on quality through physical activity, exercise and sports, and to keep track of the accumulation of steps, distances and calories, exchanging your prizes/properties sponsored by the government, the private sector and/or the entrepreneur.

We just want to see the Thai...Good health and better quality of life.

Let's add value to the calories you get from your workouts, value or credit with Calories Credit Challenge (CCC)  


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